Jindong Jiang

PhD Student · Rutgers University

Email: jindong.jiang at rutgers.edu · Google Scholar · GitHub


I am a PhD student at Rutgers University under the supervision of Prof. Sungjin Ahn. My research interests lie at the intersection of structured representation learning and generative world models, with a strong focus on developing unsupervised/self-supervised techniques.

The long-term objective of my research is to develop artificial intelligence agents capable of human-like reasoning. This involves designing systems that can uncover latent structure of the physical world, predict future scenarios based on current states, infer the causality or correlation between events, and engage in logical planning to accomplish goals.

At current stage, my focus is exploring unsupervised learning strategies for visual representations that could improve AI's ability to model and interpret complex environments.

Interests.  Unsupervised Representation Learning, Generative Models, Wolrd Models



My Name

My Chinese name is "江锦东", it can be pronounced as "Jiang Jindong" in Mandarin, and "Gong Kam Dong" in Guangdong dialect (also known as Cantonese). As ChatGPT once cleverly put it, "" stands for river, giving a nice flow to the name, while "" jazzes things up, representing brocade or ornamental cloth. Then we've got "" which means east, adding a sense of direction. So, when you put them all together, you end up with a quirky name that doesn't quite translate directly into English.